Plantation Weddings Promotional Video


Destrehan Plantation


Destrehan Plantation is a historic site located just outside of New Orleans. It offers guided tours of the beautifully restored plantation house. Visitors also get to explore the enchanting grounds featuring a collection of 200-year-old live oak trees, see historic exhibits, and witness period demonstrations.

In addition to showcasing its history, Destrehan Plantation has been a venue for beautiful indoor and outdoor weddings. Interested parties receive an information packet when visiting the grounds. The plantation later decided to create a slideshow-like video that would demonstrate what it can and has done for weddings.

Our job was to storyboard and produce a video that promoted Destrehan Plantation as a wedding venue by showcasing various pictures of previous weddings. This video is now a DVD that forms part of the wedding packet couples receive.

Video Editing
Video Editing Screenshot
DVD Disc Design
DVD Disc Design