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Yokogawa is a renowned global brand offering cutting-edge solutions and instrumentation to the industrial automation and control, test and measurement, and aviation industries for over 100 years. The company is headquartered in Japan with offices and manufacturing plants located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

I was commissioned by Yokogawa's marketing team to design full-page ads to be inserted into an industry magazine. The first ad featured here is for their Total Insight line of flowmeters and instrumentation. The challenge here was to deliver creative designs that stand out and comply with their design brand guidelines. In the end, I was able to introduce creative elements, such as the small icons, to better illustrate the copy without being distracting or deviating far from their brand guidelines.

The second ad design featured here promotes their first ever virtual conference, "Y Now 2020". I was given far more creative freedom for this design because Yokogawa wanted all of the branding and marketing materials for this conference to feel new, fresh, and different from their traditional corporate branding.

Yokogawa Ad Design for Total Insight
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Yokogawa Ad Design for Y NOW 2020
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